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Roman Ruins

Baelo Claudia

Bolonia Beach

National Monument

barely 15 mins' drive from El Aguilon!

Dating from 2nd Century BC, the ruins of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia on Bolonia beach are considered to be the best example of an ancient Roman town in Spain and as such is a Spanish National Monument. Founded during the rule of Emperor Augustus, Baelo Claudia prospered from its tuna fishing, salting and the production of garam (fish paste), reaching the height of its prosperity in 200AD with a city of 2000 inhabitants. Due to an earthquake and the onset of raiders and pirates, by 600AD the city was abandoned. Excavation work started in 1917 finding the salting factories still intact, an impressive amphitheatre, basilica, thermal baths, Temple of Isis and aqueduct. 

NB No access from the beach . . .

drive to the large white modern building high on the hill above the ruins.

Where to eat

There are a couple of great little beach restaurants overlooking the ruins, can accessed from the beach.​

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If you show a European Passport

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