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The Team

El Aguilon is very much a family and everyone joins in to keep it looking its best.

Rodrigo & Belinda

Rodrigo is an oceanographer and Belinda does the filming so when they're not working at El Aguilon, they're generally in the middle of the ocean researching plastics on the ocean or in the mountains of Baja California searching for ancient cave paintings of marine life.

They're both very hands on with the running of El Aguilon and enjoy having guests. Many of them have become friends, returning year after year.

If you are interested in finding more about their work with ocean research, click on the link below . . .


A professional portrait artist, Belinda's daughter Sophie takes care of reservations and wedding enquiries for El Aguilon.

Sophie and Belinda are very creative and can often be found in the art studio in the stableyard of El Aguilon. 

If you are interested in finding more about Sophie's artwork click on the following link:


Adolfo is a vital part of the team, in charge of the garden and maintenance of El Aguilon. He is married to Toñi the housekeeper and has spent all his life in the nearby village of Facinas.

A real countryman, he's an excellent horseman and continues to work with many of the traditional Andalucian country crafts such as building stone walls, making charcoal, curing olives and keeping goats, chickens and a large vegetable garden.


Toñi is a ray of sunshine, always smiling! She manages the housekeeping, cleaning and cooking. Toñi grew up close to El Aguilon in the next valley. She is married to Adolfo and they have two young daughters so Toñi loves it when the house is full of children. She was brought up in the country helping her father with his herd of goats. Her mother taught her to cook classic Andalucian food.

As an authentic countrywoman she can ride a horse, milk a goat and prepare fish and game. She and Adolfo live in the village (Facinas).

The Animals